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This is the beginning of a long fan fic that I'm working on. It's based on the life of a character that I've created over the years and I just decided to write her story. Tell me what you think


In a swamp on the planet Dagobah sat a wizened green creature. He was known throughout the galaxy as the greatest Jedi master ever to live. He was over 900 years old and presumed dead by all but two people. If it was known that he was still alive, he would be hunted down until he was exterminated. He should have died in the great Jedi purge 16 standard years ago, but he survived. Now he spends him time in the swamps of Dagobah wondering about Obi Wan and the Skywalker children, Luke and Leia, and contemplating the mysteries of the Force. This green creature still answers to the name of Yoda, though no one has called him that in a long time. His eyes blink slowly and he turned his head, reaching out with the Force and he came to the realization that something was about to change. His mind went back to that time on Coruscant. During the dark times. Was the Prophecy of the Chosen One truly misread?

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Chapter One

Leia Organa woke up slowly, hoping that the sickness that she?d been feeling the past week or so wouldn?t rear its ugly head once again this morning. She sat up slowly and quickly wished that she hadn?t. Leia jumped out of bed and rushed to her private refresher and was ill once again. She just didn?t get it. Her mother had told her that when girls are around the age of 16 changes happen in their body, but she didn?t know that she?d be so violently ill all the time. If this was what growing up was like, she didn?t want to have anything to do with it. Maybe mother was wrong though. Leia slowly exited the refresher and went over her schedule for the day, grateful that the Senate was out of session at the moment and that she could relax on Alderaan more than she could on the busy capital. She noticed a rather large gap in her schedule that afternoon and decided that she was sick of being sick. She pulled up a screen on the holo and made an appointment with her MD1 droid. Maybe he could tell her what was wrong. Then glancing at her schedule again, she saw that she had breakfast scheduled with her father that day. That was always a treat and she hurried to get dressed so that she could dine with her father on the secluded balcony that they always dined on when they dined together.

Leia got to the balcony first, which wasn?t a surprise since her father was no longer senator, he was an actual prince. Ever since her mother died six standard months ago Bail Organa had been running Alderaan while the young Princess Leia worked hard to try to keep the Senate together while they secretly both worked behind the scenes to instigate a rebellion. Leia sat at the small table and was served a plate of fruit and a cup of caf. She took a sip of caf and had to repress the urge to be ill again. She couldn?t let her father see that she was ill; he?d think that she was working too hard, and her work was too important to give up on so easily. Leia took a bite of fruit and was relieved when it settled her stomach. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around. She jumped out of her seat when she saw that it was her father and ran up to him, her long hair flying out behind her as she gave him a hug and he twirled his princess around. ?And how is my little Princess this morning,? Bail asked her the question that he asked her every morning.

?I?m good daddy. So glad to be back home. Life on Coruscant was getting so tedious and Palpatine?s control of certain Senators is getting even worse. We must act soon if we are to restore peace to the galaxy. I had a meeting with Mon Mothma last week and more supplies are needed. We don?t have what we need to defeat the Empire.?

?Whoa, easy Princess. No one ever said that toppling a government would be easy. It will take time and patience but we will get it done. However, I do not like those circles under your eyes. Have you been sleeping properly??

Leia sighed. ?No daddy. Between meetings with Mon Mothma and others and my duties in the Senate, I haven?t had enough time to sleep properly. I promise to sleep more while I?m home.? That?s if I can do it without getting violently ill every morning when I wake up. If that keeps up, well, I just won?t go to bed anymore. I?ll just have to start living on that caf that the Senate aides live on. Horrid stuff that it is.

?Good Princess,? whenever Bail called her Princess it wasn?t a reminder of her title, it was just one of his ways of showing affection for her. ?I don?t want to see you getting sick. I would hate it if anything happened to you like it did your mother.? Bail lapsed into silence thinking about Leia?s real mother. The mother that she didn?t know about. The beautiful and courageous Padme Amidala. Leia took after her so much it was amazing. If only Leia had been able to know Padme, things would be different now. Bail considered a minute. ?Leia, have Winter clear your schedule for this afternoon. I want you to rest. Your work can wait another day.?

?Yes daddy.? Leia speared a piece of fruit and played with it to give the impression that she was eating. Bail noticed this and deciding to withhold comment, he settled into their routine of the trivial talk of Alderaan, the peaceful planet that they so loved.

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