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My Son

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Disclaimer: I don?t own Star Wars.

A/N-Reviews are always appreciated!

My Son

I gave up my only son. I, Kyra Kenobi, gave my son Obi-Wan to the Jedi. I remember the day, little Eliz was only four years old, and I remember her answering the door. Oh, how simple life was on Corellia! I remember holding Obi-Wan, and I remember Jet (who was my husband, but he died not long after Obi-Wan left) was making the morning meal.

Eliz yelled for us to come to the door, and there was that Jedi there, Jocasta Nu, I heard she had been a great Jedi and I remember her telling us that day of her hopes to take the position of the Jedi librarian at their Archives. I wonder if she ever got it.

But then she told me that Obi-Wan was Force-sensitive and they wanted him to be trained as a Jedi! Oh, the pride I felt! Then she told us that we would never see him again, the Jedi have their younglings taken away from their families extremely young so they can be taught the self-discipline they need to become what the Order things as ?good? Jedi.

He would have no attachments at all. They wanted to take my baby away. I remember closing my eyes, feeling faint, and Jet putting a hand on my shoulder.

I didn?t want to lose my baby boy. But something told me to let him go, to be trained as a Jedi. That was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life. Jet agreed, and in a hour they were off-planet.

And now, years later, I hear about Obi-Wan on the HoloNews. I heard about him destroying the Sith Lord who killed his Jedi Master when he were only 25, during the Battle of Naboo.

And, during the Clone Wars, I hear about him and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, who is called the Hero With No Fear. I see children arguing over who would be Anakin and who would be Obi-Wan in their games. And the pride I feel to my son!

People ask Eliz and I all of the time, if we are related to Obi-Wan. Eliz would look just straight ahead and I?d change the subject. Not many people in our town remember Obi-Wan, only a few do vaugely. And they send us looks of sympathy all of the time.

But now it is worse than ever. Not long at all after Obi-Wan and Anakin save Chancellor Palpatine from General Grevious (which had Eliz and I bursting with pride) we hear that all of the Jedi are traitors, that several of them attempted to kill Chancellor Palpatine, oh Obi-Wan, I couldn?t believe it!

I cried for hours and hours, I did not believe that you (or the other Jedi) could?ve done that!

And then I hear that all Jedi were ordered to be killed because they were traitors, I am still inconsable on it. My son is gone! I screamed that again and again.

Oh, my baby boy, you are gone! I only knew you for one, sweet month, and I, with all of the other beings in the galaxy, have seen the great deeds you have done. And who knows what else?

But, my son, did I curse you into an early death when I let Master Nu take you? I wish I could have told you how proud of you I was, how much I loved you. I wish I would have known you.

You?ve been called a great Jedi Master, and I wonder if there was any possibility you would have survived the Jedi Purge.

But I?ll never know.

(((Edit-Thanks for the suggestion Princess!)))

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Interesting. But a couple of observations...

Some of the people in our town who remember Obi-Wan vaguely-he was only a month old when he was taken away-send us looks of sympathy all of the time.

This sentence doesn't seem to flow right when you read it.

I remember holding Obi-Wan, and I remember Jet, my husband who was a pilot and passed away many years ago, was making the morning meal.

This seems like Jet has passed away years ago yet is making the morning meal from beyond the grave

And watch your tenses, I think I caught a spot where you switched from past to present tense

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