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Baby Names

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Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars.

A/N: Reviews, as always, are welcome! And I believe Anakin was ecstatic about being a father, but some may think he?s OOC.

Baby Names

?Anakin.? Senator Padme Amidala Skywalker looked at her husband, the great Jedi Knight, the excellent pilot, ?Hero-With-No-Fear?, and the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker.

Their marriage had to remain secret, seeing as Jedi weren?t supposed to marry (it was forbidden) and it would be very interesting if the whole galaxy knew if a good Senator and former Queen was married to ?The Chosen One?.

Anakin looked at his pregnant wife. ?Yes, Padme?? he asked.

?We need baby names,? she said seriously.

?What? Oh, gods, I umm forget. We?ve just been calling her Skywalker Jr.? Anakin smirked as he emphasized the ?her? because he thought his wife was having a girl, and Padme thought she was having a boy.

?Yes, Master Anakin, you are quite correct, ever since you found out that Senator Amidala was pregnant six standard house ago, you have been referring to the child in her womb as ?Skywalker Jr.?? See-Threepio (who had crept into the room) said.

Anakin stood up. ?3-PO! Get out!? he yelled. The droid did so.

?Baby names. Yeah. If for some strange reason you are actually correct, let?s go over boys? names first.? Anakin said slowly.

?What about Qui-Gon?? Padme said quietly, referring to the Jedi who discovered Anakin. Anakin looked down for a second, then he looked at Padme and smiled sadly. ?That?d be too sad.?

?Oh Anakin, I?m stupid. Why don?t we name our son Anakin Skywalker II?? she asked him.

?No. Once the shock died down from Obi-Wan, finding out that I was married and everything, he?d tell us that one Anakin Skywalker was more than enough.?

Then he grinned. It was, as Obi-Wan Kenobi called it, a truly evil grin, a grin worthy of a Sith Lord. ?How about Obi-Wan? No, that one is too obvious as well, well, for some strange reason Obi-Wan likes the name ?Ben?, you don?t want to know how that subject came up. What about Ben?? Anakin finished, still grinning.

Padme stared at him. ?It?s good to see him grin again.? she thought. Anakin rarely grinned since the war started. But ever since he found out he was going to be a father, he was ecstatic.

?No. Not Ben.? Padme replied with a small laugh. They sat in silence for a few minutes, thinking.

Then Padme spoke. ?What about Luke?? She did not know what attracted her to the name, it was just simple. She liked it.

Anakin thought for a few seconds. ?Luke. Luke Skywalker. I love it. If we have a son, his name will be Luke Skywalker.?

?And the middle name as Anakin? Luke Anakin Skywalker?? she asked. Anakin smiled and nodded.

?Now, for our daughter who will be here very soon, how about Amidala as her first name? Instead of having Padme, she?d be Amidala and then we wouldn?t have to go through the business of her picking another name for Nubian politics-which I know you?d influence her into to!? Anakin thought it was a good idea, he was smirking, but Padme shook her head no.

Her voice shook as she spoke when she told him, ?I, I think it?d be a g-good idea to name our, our daughter Shmi.? Anakin went over to her, put a hand on both of her shoulders, and for a fleeting second Padme thought he?d shake her. But he enfolded her in a hug.

?Oh Padme, that?s so thoughtful. That?s so wonderful. But I couldn?t.? Anakin replied.

The two suggested other names, including ?Sola? after Padme?s sister, but while the two were thinking, the Force nudged a single name into Anakin?s brain. Leia.

?What about Leia?? he spoke softly.

Padme smiled and nodded. ?Leia Shmi Skywalker?? she suggested. Anakin smiled, and the tears started to fall from both of their eyes, and they fell into each others? arms, wondering about Luke and Leia Skywalker.

(Review please!)

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Beautiful. Loved it.

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