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Fallen Angel

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(Kinda screwed up, I think. Ah well)

Fallen Angel

Oh, Anakin, my Anakin. I?m dying in childbirth. How could you do this? Why did you do this? Remember our child, our promise, and our love? Was our love not enough for you? Did you not love me anymore? That, I know isn?t true. You were my true and only love. You are my true and only love.

The future looks bleak for me now. I don?t know how I survived without you in the past, but I won?t be able to survive without you in the future. I know that Darth Vader isn?t a real man. He?s just a dream of evil, Palpatine?s falling hope. On Mufastar, I knew Darth Vader wasn?t real.

He was just an illusion. Oh Ani, you didn?t. Please tell me you didn?t! You couldn?t have done it, could you have? I told you I wasn?t going to die in childbirth. And now it still isn?t childbirth that?s taking me. It?s heartbreak, Anakin Skywalker.

You are the Chosen One. I know there is still good in you. Maybe our child will find the good. They will save you, I know they will. What?! I mean, our children. Twins, Ani, twins. A boy..and a girl. Luke and..Leia Skywalker. I like it.

Goodbye, my love, Anakin Skywalker. Goodbye, my fallen angel.

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