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The Wheel Of Time

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Anybody else (besides JM's sister :p) read these? It's the story of a young man (Rand al'Thor) and his two friends (Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara) who, on arrival of one of the great Aes Sedai, feared and admired by all, and her Warder, that they are part of an ancient prophecy that will destroy The Dark One, whose real name is Shai'tan, though his true name, for it is known that if said, the Dark One's wrath will come down on the speaker.

Anyways, the books are set on truly an epic scale. The amount of things going on at the same time is just amazing, and it weaves a story that stands with the best.

This is the order....

New Spring (prequel)

The Eye Of The World

The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

The Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

A Crown of Swords

Path of Daggers

Winter's Heart

Crossroads of Twilight

Knife Of Dreams (not yet released)

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