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Chapter I

?Luke! The new trainee is here!? Mara Jade Skywalker called out to her husband, the infamous Luke Skywalker, at the Jedi Temple on Yavin 4.

?I?m in my office, bring her in Mara!? Luke called out to his wife. He got up and waited for his wife and the new trainee for the Jedi Order of the New Republic.

Mara came in with the girl, she was human and was about the same age as Luke?s niece, Jaina Solo. She was very pretty, with wavy brown hair pulled away from her face. She had sparkling brown eyes, fair skin, and high cheekbones. There was something familiar about her, Luke felt somewhat of a familiar presence, like he met someone in her bloodline before. Oh well. He?d ask her about that some other time.

?Welcome. I am Luke Skywalker. You must be uh Sola Naberrie of Naboo, daughter of Eli and Pia Naberrie?? Luke asked.

The girl nodded solemnly. Luke felt that in the Force, she was trying to appear calm but she was a bundle of nerves. Frightened about something, but also trying to stay quiet. Luke decided not to push her.

?At the Jedi Academy, things will not be the easiest here, but we will help you. You may find it difficult to use the Force at first, but you will connect with it. I have set you up in classes with my niece, Jaina Solo, she?ll show you around and help get you used to things here. Jedi Knights and Masters will observe you, and one will choose you as their apprentice.? Luke finished speaking as a knock was at the door. ?Come in!? he called.

Jaina Solo walked in, and Sola knew Luke had to have called her through the Force. She smiled. ?Jaina, please show Sola to her room and explain how things will go around here.? Luke asked.

Jaina bowed. ?Yes Master Skywalker.? She turned to Sola. ?Follow me.? Sola nodded and gathered her bags, but not before bowing to the Masters

Skywalker. The two teenage girls left.

Luke looked at the door were the two girls went through just a moment ago. ?Mara, something about that girl reminds me of someone! I just can?t remember who!?

?I felt something too. She is extremely strong in the Force. She was able to hide her emotions well.? Mara replied.

?That last name?Naberrie. It sounds familiar. Very vaguely, but familiar. Important.? Luke said, he sounded a bit confused.

?Maybe a former student? Someone from Tatooine? The Alliance?? Mara guessed.

?I?m not sure.? Luke looked at his wife, pondering the name Naberrie.


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Chapter II

Jaina Solo was very talkative at the moment. She was explaining to Sola about the people, the classes and how things would go at the Academy.

?Everyone is pretty nice around here. They?ll treat you well. You should get up about a hour after sunrise.? Jaina stopped and smiled at Sola.

?I hope I like it here.? Sola said in her soft but confident voice. ?I want to be a Jedi, learn the ways of the Force, and be a protector of the New Republic. I want to make my people proud.? Sola looked at Jaina.

?Where are you from?? Jaina asked curiously.

?Naboo. It?s a beautiful planet. Calm and peaceful. There has not been a war there since about ten years before the Clone Wars began! My great-aunt was Queen of Naboo at the time. My father never got to meet her. But everyone says she was a wonderful person.? Sola replied sadly.

?What happened to her? I?ve never even heard of Naboo!? Jaina exclaimed.

?She was killed in the beginning of the Emperor?s reign. Naboo had a low-profile during the Emperor?s reign, which was kind of funny, seeing as the Emperor himself was Nubian. No one could believed the Palpatine was that evil, he used to be Naboo?s hero! But once he declared himself Emperor-or dictator whichever you prefer-Naboo turned against him.? Sola said.

?I would love to go to Naboo someday. It does sound like a lovely planet.? Jaina said thoughtfully.

?Oh, you should. Go to Theed, it?s the Capital and my hometown. Very beautiful. You?d love it. It?s kind of ideal for a Jedi, because it?s so calm.? Sola said.

Jaina smiled. ?I?ll remember that.?

?Thanks Jaina. I?ll see you in the morning.? Sola waved goodbye, opened her door, and picked up her bags. Jaina went to her room.

Sola loved her room instantly. It was a soft red in color. She knew instantly what she could do to make it seem more like her room at home. She went into one of her bags and got out a delicate silver box. She set it down gently onto the table by her bed and pushed a button. Suddenly, her room was filled with holographic stars and planets, orbiting around. It was a holographic map of the entire galaxy.

She loved that map. She loved just looking at the stars and planets. Sola walked to one planet in particular. She touched it gently and said softly, ?Home.?. The planet was Naboo, and in some ways this Yavin 4 was a lot like home. She wanted to be a Jedi so much, but she had to hide the truth for now.

She had to hide the truth about her family. Who they were, and how they were connected to the Skywalker family. Her great-aunt, the former Queen of Naboo, had married Anakin Skywalker many years ago.

She was a cousin of Luke Skywalker and she knew some of the family secrets about the mysterious woman Luke never got to know. The woman Leia had just a memory of. Their mother, Padme Amidala Naberrie Skywalker.

Sola sighed. She wanted to tell Master Skywalker so bad. She had to. ?Maybe, I should tell Jaina first.? she thought. ?After all, Jaina is my cousin.? Satisfied with that, knowing that Jaina Solo would know they were cousins in the morning, she laid down to sleep.

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(Wow..this honestly shows I have no life today..two chapters in one day! Oh, and out of curosity, does anyone like this story?)

Chapter III

Jaina woke up early the next morning. She tinkered with a few machines for awhile. Around the time where the other trainees were awakening, she decided to check up on Sola. She knocked on the door and heard Sola say ?Come in.? So, Jaina walked in. She didn?t expect to see the holographic map, or Sola already in her Jedi robes staring intently at the center of the map.

?Cool map Sola! But, are you okay?? Jaina asked. Sola didn?t answer. All she said was ?Please, sit.?. So Jaina did.

?Jaina, your mother and uncle never knew their mother did they?? Sola asked.

Jaina replied, ?Well, they didn?t know their father that well as Anakin Skywalker either. My uncle Luke knew Anakin Skywalker better than my mother did. My mother only knew Vader, and that?s all she?d think of as her father. As for my grandmother, she died when they were very young. My mother has barely a memory of her mother, she says she was beautiful, kind, and sad. Which is understandable, seeing as her husband turned on the Dark Side. Why are you asking??

?Remember my great-aunt I told you about? She married a Jedi. The Chosen One, that?s what they called that Jedi. My great-aunt was named Padme Amidala Naberrie Skywalker, and she married Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One.? Sola looked at Jaina to see her reaction.

Jaina just sat there for a moment. She smiled slightly. ?Does that mean we are related?? She asked.

?Yes. My father, Eli, is your grandmother?s nephew. Do you, do you want to see a holo of her?? Sola asked. Jaina nodded. Sola went into her bag, and grabbed a holograph. She brought it over to Jaina. ?I think this one will be good.? Sola said smiling.

It was a holograph of a beautiful young woman. She had brown hair, and sparkling brown eyes. She was wearing a blue dress. She was with a young man, with short dirty blonde hair and a braid. He was dressed as a Jedi.


This was taken just a week or so before the Clone Wars began. She had to go into hiding because of some assassination attempts on her. Chancellor Palpatine had her go into hiding-with the protection of a Jedi. The Jedi that was chosen was Anakin Skywalker. Palpatine took a ?special interest? in him. This was taken at my great-grandparent?s home. She went to see her parents, her sister-who is my grandmother-and her neices before she went into hiding on Naboo. My grandmother Sola took this. She loved teasing Aunt Padme about suitors. Everyone could tell that there was something between those two! Everyone liked Anakin. My aunts said he was very kind, but they can?t remember him that well. My grandmother was right about this suitor. My great-grandparents didn?t know about their marriage until after Padme?s death.? Sola explained.

?She?s beautiful. I can?t believe she is my grandmother. And I can?t believe that is Anakin Skywalker. Him and my brother, Anakin, look a lot alike.? Jaina looked at Sola. ?I?m glad to know this all. Finally! So much mystery that has bothered my mother and my uncle has been revealed. And I?m glad that we are cousins.?

?I am too. I?ve known all of this my entire life. Before my father died, he made me promise that I would tell the Skywalker and Solo family when I thought it was right. I don?t know if it?s right yet. But please don?t tell Jaina! Not yet.? Sola said.

Jaina nodded. ?We have to go down to the cafeteria now. We don?t want to be late.? With that said, the two girls walked down to the cafeteria for the morning meal.

At the cafeteria, Jaina?s twin brother Jacen, and their friends were already seated. Jaina and Sola got their food and went to the table. ?Hey!? Jaina said when she got close enough to her friends. ?Everyone, this is Sola Naberrie of Naboo. She?s a new trainee at the Academy. She just arrived late last night. Sola, that is Lowbacca and Em-Teede. That is my twin brother Jacen, and our brother Anakin. She is Tenel Ka. And that is Tahiri.? Jaina said in one breathe.

?Hey.? Sola said smiling at all of them. They all sent her a greeting. Jaina sat next to Lowbacca and Sola sat next to her. Their morning meal was good and passed quickly. Suddenly, everyone started leaving and Sola didn?t know where to go. Then, she remembered that Master Skywalker told her to go with Jaina because he scheduled all of her classes with Jaina. ?Jaina! Where do we go first?? Sola asked.

?We go with Tionne, and she?ll be teaching us about the Force, and then we go to Corran Horn, and he?ll be teaching us how to use it.? Jaina said. Sola?s eyes widened. ?Don?t worry, anyone can tell that you are pretty strong in the Force. You?ll be okay.? They went to their class.

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Chapter VI

Jaina was right. Sola did adjust to life at the Academy quickly and connecting to the Force. She quickly became one of the best students there. She also became best friends with Jaina Solo. But when Luke Skywalker called her over during the afternoon meal, she was nervous. She looked at Jaina, and Jaina shrugged. So, she walked over to Master Skywalker.

She bowed. ?Yes Master Skywalker?? she asked, hiding her feelings. She could always do that well but now that she had control over her Force power, she could do it even better.

?Sola, I?ve been observing you often and I?ve noticed your skills in the Force. So that is why I have decided to ask you to be my apprentice. Will you become my apprentice?? Luke asked.

Sola could barely contain her excitement or relief. She was going to be Luke Skywalker?s apprentice! The great Luke Skywalker! Her cousin! ?Yes!? She exclaimed. ?Thank you Master Skywalker, thank you! It would be an honor to me, if you came to my home planet of Naboo so my family can be told of this honor you?ve bestowed upon me.?

Sola looked away and took a deep breath. She knew he had to be told. But not by her. Not by her. By her grandmother, Sola. Sola the first would be able to tell Luke more about his parents. She looked at Master Skywalker. ?Master, I think you should come to Naboo for another reason. My grandmother, Sola, knows a lot about your parents, well more about your mother Padme Amidala Naberrie Skywalker.? Sola said and looked Luke in the eyes. His eyes held disbelief.

?You know someone who knows about my, my mother? Where? Naboo?? Luke asked. ?Where is Naboo?? He looked around, as if the planet would suddenly appear.

?Not that far, Master Skywalker. What my grandmother can tell you, will give you a good bit of information on your family, the Old Republic, and the old Jedi Order. My grandmother, is your aunt. And, you have three first cousins. My father, Eli, is the youngest and he was born about a year after Aunt Padme died. He died a couple years ago in an accident. And he had two older sisters, both who met Aunt Padme and Uncle Anakin, Ryoo is the older one, and Pooja is the younger. We?ve all been wanting to meet you and Leia for many, many years. My great-grandmother died of grief after Aunt Padme?s death and Uncle Anakin?s turning. She only met him once, but she loved him. Will you come to Naboo?? Sola finished.

?Yes! Of course! I?m also going to contact my sister, her husband and have their children and themselves come with us. Now, excuse me.? With a final smile to Sola, he walked away.

Sola walked back to the table where everyone was staring at her. ?Well?? Anakin yelled out.

?I?m the apprentice of Master Skywalker!? Sola said happily. Everyone smiled. She sat down next to Jaina and pinched her elbow. Jaina turned to her.

?I told him,? Sola said in an extremely low voice. ?He?s contacting your parents and we are all going to Naboo.? Jaina?s eyes lit up.

A few hours later, Master Skywalker came back. He called the Solo children and Sola to his office. The other Master Skywalker was there as well, leaning against Luke?s desk.

?Sola, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin. We are all going to Naboo to learn about some..family history. You see, Sola here is your cousin.? Jacen and Anakin exchanged surprised looks, while Sola and Jaina smiled knowingly. ?Your parents will be hear with the Falcon soon to take us there.?

At hearing that, Mara rolled her eyes. Luke smiled and then finished, ?I think you all should go pack.? Him and Mara left the room, and Sola and Jaina followed them, leaving two confused Solos in the room

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Chapter V

They only had to wait a couple hours for the Falcon. Jaina stood with Sola waiting. Jacen and Anakin stood behind them, still a bit confused. Finally, they saw Han Solo?s magnificent ship and come down to the docking bay.

Jaina was rocking back and forth excitedly waiting for her parents to came out. When they started to come down, (with Chewbacca, of course), Jaina was the first to run to them, with Jacen and Anakin only a few steps behind. The Skywalkers walked up to them as well, and Sola stood respectfully behind.

Amidst all the hugs the Skywalker and Solo family were exchanging, Han Solo looked at Sola. ?Well, hello there kid. What are you doin? over there all by yourself? If I understand Luke over there, you are a cousin of the Skywalker family. And as you probably know, my wife ?ere is a Skywalker, meaning you are her cousin. Which means you?re family. C?mon!? Han said.

Leia rolled her eyes at her husband. Sola walked over slowly. She stood right in front of Han Solo, all seriousness, ignoring on the outside the giggles and laughs coming from Jaina and Mara Jade-Skywalker.

Han started to squirm. He walked over to Luke and whispered, ?Hey, uh, is she okay over there? She seems very, very serious. Kinda freaking me out there.? Luke smiled.

Sola and Jaina overheard this and starting laughing really, really hard.

?Dad,? Jaina choked out. ?Sola was kidding with you.? Han looked at Sola and sighed. Mara and Leia rolled their eyes.

?Let?s get on the ship, Flyboy!? Leia said. Everyone started walking up the ramp. Chewbacca and Sola were last, and Chewbacca slapped his giant hand on Sola?s back and roared a greeting. Sola smiled.

The ride to Naboo was fairly smooth. Sola was so excited to see her grandmother again! The ship landed and Sola was jumping. Leia looked at her and smiled, ?Calm down.? Sola immediately stopped.

?Of course, Chief Organa-Solo.? Mara looked at Leia, eyes wide. Leia laughed.

?Sola, you don?t need to call me that! Call me Leia.? she said laughing. Sola nodded as they started to get off the ship. They walked quickly to Sola I?s house. It was a cute little house. Sola grinned when she saw it. ?Grandmother! I?m home!? Sola cried out as she opened the door.

?I?m in the kitchen!? came the response. Sola walked briskly, grinning back at Jaina. Jaina ran up to Sola. They walked into the kitchen. ?Oh Sola!? Sola I exclaimed. She had a kind face, brown eyes, and brown hair streak with grey. ?You?re back! And you brought friends from the Academy! And.. oh my. Oh my..? Sola stopped when she saw Luke and Leia.

She got up, tears in her eyes. She put each hand on one of Luke?s and Leia?s cheeks. ?Oh my.. my children! Oh, you?re back! Leia, you look so much like Padme.. you remind me so much of her! And Luke, I barely remember Anakin, but looking at you reminds me of the young man who came to this house so long ago.? Sola I starting crying softly.

?It?s been so long. We were afraid! After what Bail Organa told us what happened to Padme, and poor Anakin! Bail told us that he had one of Padme?s children, and Anakin?s step-brother had the other. We weren?t allowed the children, Master Yoda thought that?d be too obvious to Palpatine.? Her lips were set into a thin line. ?Padme?s funeral.. she looked pregnant. We were upset she didn?t tell us about her marriage, but we figured she had good reason. She and Anakin wanted to protect us it seems.?

She smiled at them. ?And, Luke, everyone knows about your father?s flying abilities. At the age of nine he saved Naboo! And so many years later, a young man named Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star, with some help.? She smiled at Han.

?Leia, your mother was an excellent politician. I don?t know how much Bail Organa told you, but Padme was Queen of Naboo at age 14. She took the name Amidala, and used Padme as her name when she was posing as a handmaiden. The Trade Federation tried to take over the planet whenever she just became queen. So, Chancellor Valorum sent over two Jedi. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi.? At that, everyone looked at Luke. ?Yes, that Obi-Wan,? Sola answered their un-asked question.

?The Trade Federation had already gotten there, and Padme was just able to escape. Their ship was fired at and a little droid named R2-D2 saved them.? Now everyone looked at R2 who tooted happily.

?R2!!! You?ve known? Why haven?t you said anything??? Leia exclaimed.

R2 tooted a response, which See-Threepio translated. ?He says Bail Organa forbid him to say anything, because we belong to you after Mistress Padme?s death. He also says that I said I couldn?t wait to tell you, Mistress Leia, about your parents in the presence of Bail Organa and he gave me a memory wipe! Oh dear.?

Han laughed and Sola I continued with her story. ?Now, the ship was in need of repairs. The closest planet that wasn?t controlled by the Trade Federation was Tatioonne, which was controlled by the Hutts. They landed, and Qui-Gon, Padme, and a Gungan named Jar-Jar went out looking for supplies. They went to one Watto?s junk shop. There, they found that he had two slaves. A woman named Shmi Skywalker, and a nine-year-old boy named Anakin Skywalker. Anakin was smitten with your mother the day he met her. He asked her if she was an angel from the moons of Iego.?

Han rolled his eyes and Leia smiled, thinking about her parent?s first meeting. ?To get the parts they needed, because Watto wouldn?t accept Republic credits, Qui-Gon and Watto made a bet, with Anakin?s knowing, and Shmi?s approval. Anakin said he would participate in a the Boonta Eve Podrace. He won. He won the parts they needed for their ship and his freedom. Qui-Gon believed that Anakin was ?The Chosen One? because of his high midi-chorlian count. It was higher than Master Yoda?s.?

?Wait a minute.? Han intervened ?A nine year old won a Podrace and didn?t die?? Sola nodded. Han just sat there and then rolled his eyes.

?To make a long story short of this part of Padme?s and Anakin?s journey, they went to Corscaunt. It was decided that Chancellor elections should come up. Anakin was denied being trained by certain Jedi, claiming he was too old. Qui-Gon stated that Obi-Wan was ready for the trials, and once he passed, Qui-Gon would take Anakin as his Padawan learner. The Council agreed. They went back to Naboo and fought a great battle. Qui-Gon died against a Sith Lord. His final wish was for Obi-Wan to train him. He naturally obliged.? Sola I stopped and looked at them. ?I know this must be difficult and strange to hear.?

She kept on going. ?Now, ten years later. Padme has now accepted the position of Senator and her life is in danger. The Jedi and Palpatine decide she needs protection. Anakin and Obi-Wan are chosen. Another attempt is made on her, and the Council decides that Obi-Wan should remain at the capital while Padme and Anakin go to Naboo. Anakin still fancied Padme. They went to Naboo, and they came to our parents? home. It was obvious they loved each other! But Padme claimed that they were only friends. Well, they left, and fell in love. Then they went to Tattioone, to a Lars family, all Padme would tell us is that his mother was dead, and they met Anakin?s step-family the Lars family. Cliegg married Shmi, Anakin?s mother, was Anakin?s step-dad. Anakin had a step-brother, Owen, and Owen was engaged to a girl named Beru.?

Luke then exclaimed, ?Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru! That?s why Obi-Wan took me there!?

Sola I smiled, her eyes brimming with tears with the hurt on who had Padme?s baby boy. She had argued that they could have had the boy and pretended that he was adopted. Which, legally, he would have been.

She started talking again, regaining her voice. ?They went to Geonosis, after finding out Obi-Wan was taken prisoner. He was held captive by Jango Fett, and Count Dooku, a former Jedi who trained Qui-Gon. Well, their rescue attempt didn?t really work. Fortunately, other Jedi came. 200. But only 20 survived, super battle droids. In this manner, the Clone Wars began. Obi-Wan and Anakin faced Dooku, and Dooku cut off Anakin?s hand. They would have died if Yoda wouldn?t have saved them. The Council told Anakin to escort Padme back to Naboo. And they got married there, in a civil ceremony.? She paused again, looking at all of their faces. She grinned when she saw the array of emotions.

Her grin disappeared when she remembered what she was saying next. ?Three years past. Anakin was called ?The Hero With No Fear?. Palpatine was ?kidnapped?. He was being held by General Grevious and Count Dooku. Anakin killed Count Dooku. Padme was pregnant. Obi-Wan went after the General. And Palpatine had been giving himself more and more powers. Finally, after a claim that Jedi Masters had tried to kill him. One Master was the great Mace Windu. He fell threw a window. His body was barely recognizable, a hand was missing and he had been burned from Force-lightening. And then Palpatine declared himself Emperor after this, saying the Jedi had deformed him and that they were stronger then ever. And that they were the firs t Galactic Empire.?

?Palpatine executed an Order called Order 66. The Clones all turned on their Jedi. Anakin had pledged himself to Palpatine-who was the Sith Lord Sidious-to save Padme. He had led the attack on the Jedi Temple. He was now Darth Vader. From what we know, only two survived. Obi-Wan, who killed the General, and Yoda who had been on Kashyyk with the Wookies.? At that, Chewbacca roared something.

Han translated, ?He says he knew this Yoda and had helped him escape. And that Yoda jumped on his back, and Chewbacca had been apart of the Battle.? Han gave his co-pilot a look, wondering why Chewie never told him.

Sola I smiled. ?Bail Organa picked up Obi-Wan and Yoda on his ship. They secretly went back to the Capitol. And then, they went to the planet Mufastar where Vader was killing the idiots who ran the Trade Federation-who attack our planet years earlier! Padme decided to go. Obi-Wan snuck on her ship.? There was a trace of bitterness in her voice.

?Anakin wasn?t pleased. He still loved Padme. She was the reason why he turned! Not for power, but for his love of her. But the trick of the dark side made him want power. He Force-choked her because he thought she was siding with Obi-Wan. It didn?t kill her, but she went into labor. She just lost the will to live. Anakin thought the baby was girl, and they had picked her name. Leia. His reasoning as of how hard she kicked.? She smiled at her niece. ?But Padme thought it was a boy, so they picked the name Luke.? She smiled at her nephew. ?Bail said that Luke was the firstborn and Padme wasn?t able to take him, but she laid her fingers on his forehead. She lived just long enough to name Leia.? Sola I wiped a tear from her eye, and so did Leia, Jaina, Mara, and the other Sola.

Luke spoke, his voice cracking. ?And what about our father? Do you know why he wore the armor??

Sola I?s lips went into a very thin line. ?He battled Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan cut off his remaining limbs and he fell in lava. His lungs burned out! As much as I detested Vader and Palpatine, I was glad Palpatine saved him. Because he didn?t know it, but he saved his own downfall. Because there was still good in Anakin.?

Anakin Solo spoke. ?Aunt Sola, how do you know? He was so evil.? Sola looked at him and looked him straight in the eye.

?I know because your grandfather loved his wife very, very much. And I know he saved Luke, I?m not stupid and I don?t care of what Obi-Wan Kenobi told Bail to tell me. I kept in contact with Beru Lars to find out how your uncle was doing and then I kept in contact with Mon Monthma. I think that when Vader heard his son?s cry for help, he remembered. He remembered what Anakin Skywalker had been like. He saw good in himself, which was brought out by his son. And his son reminded him of Padme. So then he did what he wanted to do a long time ago. He killed Palpatine.? Sola I looked at Luke. ?How did your father die??

?He told me to take his mask off. I knew he would die, and so did he. When I argued, he said he wanted to look at me once with his own eyes. And I did.? Luke said.

Sola I smiled sadly. Leia looked at her. ?How do you know all of this?? she asked.

?Well, Padme told me of the things that happened when they first met. She told us about the battle and a little about Tattioone. She told us about Anakin killing Dooku. After her death, Bail Organa came to our home. He told the Emperor that he was coming to pay his sympathies because he was good friends with Padme. He believed him. He brought someone too.? She smiled at Leia.

?I wasn?t very pleased that we couldn?t bring up you two, the heirs of Anakin Skywalker. We got in a bit of an argument. But Obi-Wan had to have the final war because he trained Anakin! Well, good for him! But, I secretly had contact with Beru Lars and she sent me holos of Luke.? Sola I said proudly.

?You don?t like Obi-Wan, do you?? Luke asked. Sola I sighed.

?No, I don?t. I wanted to see you at least once, but Yoda and Obi-Wan wouldn?t allowed it. But Obi-Wan got to see you! My poor mother, she wanted to see you and Leia terribly again! I think this is enough for one night. I?ll set up the guest rooms, Sola, bring out the extra bed and put it in your room. Jaina, I hope you don?t mind sharing with Sola.? Jaina said she didn?t mind.

Leia couldn?t believe what she had learned about her father.

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Intresting... :)

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I Love this story. Could you pm me when you update?.

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