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Chapter Three

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The story so far:

19 years after the Battle of Yavin, Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy became caught in the middle of a conflict that could have escalated into a second civil war. A man named Kotor Ami, claiming to be a Sith Lord, threatened the New Republic with his fleet of starships at the centre of the galaxy: Coruscant. The Jedi managed to defeat the Dark Lord, and the galaxy was safe again, for the time being. The event lead to the formation of a specialist group called the Rangers, who's first mission to infiltrate an insane Imperial Warlord's operation ended in disaster with heavy losses and an incomplete objective. They had discovered the Genesis superweapon; an energy gun more powerful than the Death Stars, and rushed to stop the project before it was too late. Although they sabotaged the reactor core, the damage was contained and the project merely delayed. Now the New Republic is aware of this threat, they cannot ignore it!

And now for our feature presentation:

21 ABY Although the Rangers succeded

in infiltrating Warlord Reeku's operation,

their sabotage of the Genesis superweapon

was not sufficient to put a halt to his plans.

Realising the threat that Reeku poses to

the security of the galaxy, New Republic

Intelligence has now taken up control of

action against him.

Operating from the Republic-class Star

Destroyer, Archangel, a new team has been

assembled to put an end to the Warlord's

plans for domination....

Coming Soon...

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