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First 8 minutes

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A huge scoop here from our main film reviewer, Adam Mast from ZBoneman.com, who is over in Las Vegas as the Showest Convention. He had the opportunity to get himself into a Fox presentation where they screened the first eight minutes of Revenge of the Sith and the first seven minutes of A New Hope in 3D!!!! Yes 3D!!! Here's his report...

I went to a Fox presentation and some pretty amazing stuff went down. I still can't even believe I was witness to it. George Lucas showed us the first eight minutes (or thereabouts) of Episode III. We're talking about the 20th Century Fox logo, followed by the Lucasfilm logo, followed by the infamous crawl (which, at this point, most fans have read on line), followed by the opening space battle. It was breathtaking. The overall look of the picture is simply stunning. Colorful and vibrant. Action packed. Sound that nearly knocked our asses to the back of the theater.

Later on in the day, there was an even bigger surprise. I went to a digital 3-D presentation thrown by DLP. The panel consisted of some people you've probably heard of--George Lucas, James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis and Robert Rodriguez. Essentially, the presentation was about the future of cinema and how movies will be presented. The Imax format was discussed, but mostly these awesome film makers talked about their aggressive campaign to get 3-D movies into the mainstream. We're talking quality film in digital 3-D. James Cameron is shooting his next feature, Battle Angel, in 3-D and he appears extremely excited about the whole endeavor. Lucas also talked about the possibility of taking pre-existing film prints and transferring them to digital 3-D. And in fact, during the product real, he treated the audience to the first seven minutes of A New Hope in 3-D and it was absolutey astonishing. Crystal clear. It looked like a brand new movie, and the 3-D process lends itself beautifully to that kind of film. At the end of the presentation, Lucas said that his game plan was to hopefully re-release Star Wars in theaters yet again. He would do so in 2007 to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the film. The catch is, the re-release print will be in 3-D. He would then release each other installment, one year apart until we've finally seen all the films in 3-D. Again, 2007 isn't the official year of the re-release, but that's what he's aiming for.

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