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Thoughts Of R2-d2

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Thoughts of R2-D2


-The thoughts of R2 during ANH. It may be crappy, cause I thought it up in like 10 minutes.

I, R2-D2 hid in a cave. Me! Hiding in a cave! I have rescued so many lives, done so many things, but this time I decided to hide in a cave. How could I? This is something 3PO would do. Not the great R2-D2. Speaking of which where is that pile of golden metal? Force only knows where. He gets into trouble more than I do! And he's such a coward, he's always been.

Shh. I'll tell you a secret. 3PO's memory was wiped, but not mine. Amidala figured I could be more trustworthy than talkative Goldenrod. Now I hold a message for Obi-Wan, I mean Ben Kenobi. Good ol' Ben. I've known him forever.

FORCE! I think I see a figure...another Raider? No..it looks human. Please save Luke!

Soon more...I gotta go/

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(This story is just so stupid its funny)

This creature was scaring off the Tusken Raiders! BEEP BEEP BEEP. If 3PO heard what I just said he would have fainted.

Now the thing was checking over Luke to see if he was alive or not. He threw back his hood. Wow. It's Obi-Wan Kenobi. At least I think it is. I hope Ben doesn't like the word Revenge very much, or Luke will be dead in two minutes. Better not take that chance.

I make a noise. To a normal being it would be a noise of fright. But what it really means is "Hey watch it buddy, I got more weapons than you can dream of". Obi-Wan looks at me. "Come here little one, don't be afraid." Little one. Ha. Amidala must have not told him that my memory was never wiped, for he is acting like he never saw me before in his life. He has seen me many times.

I make another noise. Ben gives a quiet life. "Oh don't worry. He'll be all right," he says. Speak of the Sith, Luke wakes up.

Blah blah blah. I get out of my hiding spot, another adventure, this time with the two kids of Anakin and Amidala Skywalker. Better not tell them that. Of course, Leia has to be alive first...but will I ever get away from the Skywalkers?

I hope not!

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lol, that's funny :D

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