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My First Lotr Fanfic

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Yeah yeah, SW board, I know, but so many of us are LotR fans, I figured... what the hell?

It's short, only about five pages. Nothing really special, it's just one of those sweet, happy, feel-good stories that takes place after the war. If you haven't seen the movie nor read the book yet, you might want to turn back now. The spoilers aren't HUGE, but you never know. It'll be my luck someone will throw a fit because they didn't take my advice... as usual... :roll:

(will post story in next post)

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Adar a Ion

?Ada, ada!? came a little voice, accompanied by quick little footsteps.

Laying aside his quill, Aragorn looked up and smiled at the tiny raven-haired boy bounding into the study, a wooden toy sword gripped in one small hand. His brow furrowed in concern a moment later when the child stumbled and fell to the stone floor, dropping his sword with a clatter. Aragorn pushed his chair from the desk and strode hurriedly to help the toddler stand. His heart nearly broke to see tears in the boy?s eyes.

?Eldarion, why are you crying?? He stood again with his son in his arms, dusted off the child?s tunic and checked his diminutive palms for abrasions. Satisfied that he was unhurt, Aragorn carried him back to his abandoned chair and set him on his knee. ?Everyone falls sometimes.?

The child sniffled and swiped at a tear with the back of his hand. ?You never fall, father.?

Aragorn smiled at his son?s innocence. ?Oh yes I have. I?ve fallen many times. And it wasn?t so easy to brush myself off and keep going.?

Eldarion wasn?t contented, and he pushed out his bottom lip. ?You?ve never fallen going across the courtyard in front of the guards before.?

Aragorn nearly chuckled. ?No, I haven?t, have I??

Abruptly cheerful, as only a child can recover, Eldarion laughed. ?Of course not, because if you did, your crown would fall off!?

The father laughed. ?And that would be embarrassing, wouldn?t it??

Eldarion reached up and traced a wing on the side of his father?s crown inquisitively. ?Is it heavy??

Aragorn nodded. ?Very heavy. But it?s much lighter now when our world is at peace than it would be if we were at war.?

Not entirely understanding the gravity in the statement, little Eldarion kissed his father?s bearded cheek, and, hopping off his lap, scurried over to his dropped toy. He picked it up and swung it clumsily a few times. ?Ada, teach me to fight like you!?

The King answered the request with a question of his own: ?Why do you need to fight like me??

?So that if Orcs come into the city, everyone can say, ?Call Eldarion! He?ll save us!? Hah!? With his little battle cry, Eldarion fought an invisible opponent, making slow parries?that must have seemed lightning-quick to the child?and awkward thrusts with his short arms. He made one final, dramatic stab, and raised his sword, giving a triumphant cry. ?Victory! Hurrah!? He turned to his father, who was smiling, and applauded the boy?s heroics.

?Very good, ion n?n , very good. You?ll make a fine warrior when it comes your time to fight.?

Eldarion rushed to his father and, taking him by the hand, led him from the room. ?Come, father, I want to show you something!?

The child dragged him down a hall towards his chamber. On the way, they passed Aragon?s wife, who smiled at them. ?Where are you going??

Aragorn shrugged. ?Wherever Prince Eldarion leads me, I suppose.?

Leaving Arwen in the hall, father and son soon arrived at their destination. Eldarion released Aragorn and scurried to an unopened package lying on the bed, and showed it to his father. ?One of the guards brought this to me this morning. He said it was a gift from a friend, but he didn?t know who.?

Aragorn pulled an envelope from the side of the bundled cloth and broke the seal, seating himself on the young heir?s bed. The young heir himself climbed up next to him and looked over his shoulder.

?What does it say??

Aragorn read the note and smiled. ?It says, ?Happy birthday, from your half-sized friends of the Shire; Pippin, Merry, and Sam.?? He laid the bundle in Eldarion?s lap. It looked to be three feet long, and Aragorn could easily wrap a hand around it. The cloth was beautifully embroidered in delicate blues and greens; the ribbon tying it shimmered in the light pouring in from several gaping windows. Eldarion untied the ribbon and unwound the cloth to reveal a new wooden sword with a painted hilt and blade.

The child let out a delighted squeal. ?Ada, it looks like your sword! Look!? He proudly displayed the gift to his father, who took it in his hand and ran his fingers across the smoothed blade.

Aragorn nodded. ?It does indeed look like mine.? He studied it a moment longer, then pointed something out to Eldarion. ?But look, the inscription is different.?

?Read it to me, father!? The little prince was nearly jumping up and down with excitement.

?It reads, ?Nin phaur o i ernil tithen o adanath' ?For the hands of the little prince of Men.??

?You saw it yourself, only the prince of Men may wield it, and that?s me.? He hopped off the bed and took his new toy from his father and gave it a few testing swings. ?Come, father, duel with me!? Aragorn nearly objected, but realized the child would not take ?no? for an answer when he picked up his old toy and thrust the hilt at him.

Aragorn removed his crown and set it behind him on the pallet, then accepted the sword and stood.

?You can be a Nazgh?l, and I will be the brave Strider, defending the little Hobbits from you!?

Smiling, Aragorn touched his wooden blade to his forehead, and let Eldarion make the first charge. As he pretended to struggle at blocking the boy?s light cuts, Aragorn wondered if his son was old enough to understand his father?s past, that these epic battles he envisions in the stories he?s told truly happened.

The battle grew more and more intense, the war cries more numerous and mighty, until finally, the Nazgh?l took his conqueror?s blade between arm and chest, and staggered to the floor. Triumphantly, brave little Strider pulled his weapon from his enemy and let out a victory cry. ?I?ve slain the beast and Frodo is safe!?

?What?s going on in here??

The soft, feminine voice from the tall doorway startled Aragorn from the stillness of death. He turned his head without bothering to stand. ?Our Hobbit friends sent Eldarion a gift for his birthday.? He pulled himself to a sitting position. ?We were just being sure it was suitable for defeating Nazgh?l.?

?And is it??

Eldarion raised his sword triumphantly and rang out, ?Yes, I defeated Ada and the greatest swordsman in Gondor!?

* * *

Arwen watched as Eldarion carefully set his sword down on a table, then raced for his father, who caught him under the arms and lifted him into the air, touching his back to the carpeted floor. A warm smile crept across her lips, love filling her eyes. The realization of what she could have lost had she not turned back and defied her father also filled her eyes?with tears. But she dabbed them out before they had a chance to fall.

It was a happy time; she had no need of tears.

S?dh am meth.

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Elvish translations from the story (so you know what the hell half of it said):

All Elvish is Sindarin

adar: father

a: and

ion: son

n?n: my, of mine (ion n?n=my son)

nin (NO circumflex): for the

paur: fist (for holding something, such as a tool or sword)

o: of

i: the (singular. in is the plural form

ernil: prince

tithen: little

adanath: Men (collective term)

S?dh: peace

am: to, up to (used here as up to or until)

meth: [the] end

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Well done!

*switches into proofreading mode*

Nazg?l has no 'h' in it.

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very nice

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Radioactive Isotope

vuh nice, Pod

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Well done!

*switches into proofreading mode*

Nazg?l has no 'h' in it.

Yeah, well, at least I was consistent. :p:lol:

Thanks y'all!

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