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Welcome back, folks!

This is very different to phpBB2, so there are still a lot of things the Admin needs to sort out - most noticably the forum theme, smilies, rank images, etc...

Aurelius and I have done the best we can to reopen, and have spent ages slaving away in the Admin section setting up permissions.

Here are a few things you may want to be aware of:

Moderators and Administrators:

You now have extra options, check the staff forum to ask for help!

Member Info and Profiles

Due to the different ways that the information is stored, not all member information can be converted cleanly. Avatars may not be converted as well as some other member preferences. Member names, posts and passwords will be converted successfully.

It is strongly recommended that you check through your profile and settings by using the "My Controls" link at the top.

Private Messages:

Some of these may have been lost in the transfer. If there was something you really wanted to keep, speak to an Admin and we may be able to retrieve it from the backup database.

Forum Access and Permissions

If you find yourself being unable to access something you could before, let an Admin know! Please note that group settings work differently now and must be set by an Administrator!

Any Questions?

Please check the FAQ if you are unsure of something, if it doesn't answer your question tell us!


Any feedback is much appretiated, simply reply here to give us your suggestions and observations.

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