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Which Ancient Deity Are You Most Like?

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You are Tezcatlipoca. You are a shapeshifter and

have many forms, but you were most seen in the

form of a jaguar. Ancient Aztecs feared you

because you delight in torturing and killing

them. You despise ANYTHING that is kind and


What ancient deity are you most like?

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hee hee :grin: Anyone answer the one about the minions with "they are crunchy and taste good with salt"?

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Jake Durron


You are Pan. Since you are a satyr, you have the upper half of a man, and the legs and horns of a goat. You live for sex, and were often seen charming beautiful maidens with the soft music from your flute. You are very miscievious and playful, and you are very close to forests and nature.

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