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The Fire Is Lit

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The Fire is Lit

The Andrew Janson Chronicles, Volume I

By Ender

It was a quiet, clear night on Taanab. Andrew Janson stood outside of his home, just watching the sky. He was wondering if the choice he had made was the right one.

He and his brother, Wes, had recently bought a beat-up Corellian YT-1300 freighter named Tough Luck. It had a very cranky hyperdrive, and the hull needed some serious work. That wasn?t what he was worried about, though. The choice he was really worried about was their choice to up and join the Rebels. He knew it was the right choice, but with all of the Imperial loyalists on Taanab, he was a little worried about discovery.

Wes didn?t seem worried, but Andrew could somehow feel that he was as worried about discovery as he was. They didn?t say much to each other as they fixed up the Tough Luck, but there was a tense air about the both of them. When they finished, Wes was the first to speak up.

?Well, you gotta admit, it looks better than it did,? he remarked.

?You have a point there, bro.? Andrew replied.

The hull was now relatively cleaned and repaired, and there was a new coat of black paint on it. It did seem to look better.

?Well, shall we?? Andrew asked, pointing to their bags.

?Sure, why not?? Wes replied.

Andrew was tall, had dark brown hair that most people seemed to think was brown, and was pretty muscular. He wore two Bryar blaster pistols, both in cross-draw holsters. He was extremely quick on the draw, and had proved it, several times.

Wes was also tall and muscular, and had jet black hair that was styled in a buzz cut. He wore a DL-44 blaster on his hip, and wore some ammo packs on his belt.

In about five minutes, they had loaded their luggage into the cargo compartment, and had done all pre-flight checks. They entered hyperspace about fifteen minutes later, and both were silent.


Maybe six hours later, the Tough Luck suddenly lurched, and before they knew what was happening, they were in the middle of an Imperial fleet.

?Oh, this is just perfect.? Andrew groaned. ?How much more fun can you have??

The fleet consisted of five Carrack-class cruisers, three Victory Star Destroyers, two brand-new Imperial Star Destroyers, and an Interdictor Cruiser.

?Don?t do anything stupid, Andrew.? Wes said. ?Just fly casual.?

?I copy. There?s no way we can get past those Star Destroyers, anyway.? Andrew said.

Suddenly, a voice came over the comm unit.

?Unidentified freighter, this is Commander Jakenson of the Imperial Star Destroyer Illustrious. Do not attempt to flee, or you will be fired upon. Now, state your name, and intentions.?

Andrew answered the call. ?Illustrious, this is Captain Andrew Janson, and my brother Wes Janson on the freighter Tough Luck. We are on a shipping route, going to Chandrila.?

"I see. What are you hauling, Captain Janson??

?Machinery parts, sir.?

It was a few seconds before Jakenson answered. ?All right, Tough Luck, you are allowed to pass. Please continue on to your destination.?

?Thank you, Illustrious. Tough Luck out.?

Andrew slumped back into his chair and let out a long breath. ?Well, that was interesting.?

?Very smooth, bro. I got worried for a minute.?

?Me too.?


The next day, they had arrived at Tierfon. Wes came into the cockpit, yawning.

?Morning.? He said through a big yawn.

?Morning to you, too.? Andrew replied. ?Ready to go in??

?Whenever you are.? Wes said.

At that moment, a voice came over the comm unit. ?Tough Luck, this is Tierfon Base. Do you read??

Wes answered this time. ?Yes, we read. We need to land. Can you give us clearance??

?Roger that. Dock at Bay 27C. Everything is open for you, Janson.?

"Thanks. Tough Luck out.?

Andrew took the controls, and took the ship down into Bay 27C. After he had shut down the ship, the two of them walked down into the hangar. There were three men waiting for them.

The first one stuck out his hand. ?Hello. I am Colonel Winters of Tierfon Base. I command the Yellow Aces as well. This is Commander Azkuk, my second-in-command, and Commander Wok, in charge of base defense.?

Colonel Winters was a thin man, with a scarred face and blond hair. He wore a pilot?s jumpsuit. Commander Azkuk was a human as well, and had a big build and brown hair. Commander Wok was a Sullustan, and was wearing a plain green jumpsuit.

Andrew and Wes shook both of their hands. ?A pleasure to meet all of you.? Andrew said.

?Yeah.? Wes said. ?What kind of fighters will we be flying??

Colonel Winters cleared his throat. ?We fly Y-wings. Kind of slow, but they can take a beating. They also have ion cannons and a large proton torpedo hold, so they pack a lot of punch.?

?I?ve seen Y-wings, but never flew them.? Andrew said. ?The only fighter I flew on Taanab was a Z-95 Headhunter that needed serious work. But it was fun to fly.?

Winters nodded. ?We sometimes use Headhunters for training, but not as often anymore.?

Commander Azkuk cut in. ?If you don?t mind, sir, I will show the Jansons to their quarters.?

?Yes, of course. You will be commissioned tomorrow.?

?Yes, sir. We understand.? Wes said. ?So will we be flying tomorrow??

?Yes, we will put you up against our two best pilots in simulators. Jek Porkins and Kissek Doran will like the challenge.?

?Yes, sir.?

?You may report to your quarters now.?

Andrew and Wes both saluted, and Winters returned the salute. They left with Commander Azkuk to find their quarters.


One month later, Lieutenants Andrew and Wes Janson were with their squadron, flying through a canyon. Their objective was to destroy an Imperial supply ship, and they were about half-way to the ship when suddenly, one of their fighters broke off, in the wrong direction. It was Kissek Doran.

?Doran, get back here!? Winters yelled. ?Five, Six, bring him back immediately! Shoot him down if you have to!?

Five and Six was Porkins and Wes. ?We copy, Leader. Breaking off.? Porkins said.

?Make sure to not use the ion cannons, guys.? Andrew said. ?The Imps might pick up the energy trails.?

?Roger that, Seven.? Porkins replied. ?We?ll be back soon.?

So, they broke off in pursuit of the Y-wing that Doran was in. Andrew didn?t know anymore after that.


A while later, the Yellow Aces had landed back at base, and Andrew found Wes slumped over on a couch.

?Wes! Are you okay?? Andrew asked.

?My first kill.? Wes mumbled.


?Doran was my first kill.?

Andrew felt ice drop into his stomach. ?How? Why??

Wes explained how he and Porkins chased Doran across the terrain, trying to get him to come back. Porkins eventually ordered Wes to shoot Kissek down.

?I can?t believe it. I never thought that this would happen, Andrew.? Wes said.

?It?s okay. You were only following orders.? Andrew replied. ?It?s okay.?

Colonel Winters came walking up to them. ?I need to speak to you.?

?Sure, Colonel. What is it?? Andrew asked.

?You and Porkins are being transferred to Yavin. Wes would be going, but right now he?s not fit to go. The doctor said he has contracted Hesken Fever, and he will be sent out as soon as he has recovered."

"I understand, sir.? Andrew replied. ?When are we shipping out??

?Tomorrow. Pack your bags, Lieutenant. And Wes, get to the hospital wing.?

?I?ll take him down, sir.?

?Fine. Just get packed up and out of here tomorrow, all right??

?Understood, sir.?


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I've gotten pretty good reviews for this on other sites... tell me what you think!

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Argh... Will read later... Busy right now :)

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Fine! BE THAT WAY! ;)

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I'll read it eventuallty...there are 2000 more posts calling my name right now though..

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