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Double Drabble Kyp and Jaina vignette

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A drabble fic has exactly 100 owrds, a double drabble 200, a half drabble 50. Suddenly found I likw writing drabble fics, and since no mtter how hard I tried this wouldn't fit into 100 words, it's a double-drabble. Set during NJO (probably after Jaina finds out Jcaen's okay) Kyp and Jaina have aconversation. The ending is open to interpretation. I know what I'm leaning towards, but you can make of it as you will.

?I know I?ve done some bad things, and no matter what people say, they were my fault. At the time I wasn?t able to acknowledge that, but I?m an adult now-?

?You could have fooled me.?

?I?m trying to be serious here, Jaina. You have to take responsibility for your actions, and I know you do, but you also have to recognise when things are out of your control. You couldn?t have done anything to save Anakin.?

?You weren?t there, you don?t know! You can?t imagine what I went through, losing him. I feel like I killed him-?


?Sith, I forgot! I?m sorry, Kyp.?

?People usually forget. It?s like my life began when Carida died, and all anyone can see is what happened after. They don?t look beyond that, can?t see what led up to it and what it led to. Don?t say ?sorry?, Jaina, it?s just a word. You?ll get sick of hearing it one day. Don?t let them do it to you. Don?t let them forget that you?re a person, and you hurt. People think Jedi don?t feel.?

?That would be nice.?

?Not feeling? Do you really believe that??

?Would last night have happened if I did??

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Bad furday

Very nice :D ....and I"m guessing Jaina and Kyp had....fun last night. :p

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