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Definitions - any help?

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I'm trying to compile a list of 'warning' definitions you might find in hte heading of a fanfiction to go on one of my websites. Things like:

AU=Alternate Universe

OC=Original Character

Slash= m/m relationships

When I started reading fanfiction I had no idea what half these thigns meant and read a lot of stuff I might not have otherwise.Does anyone have any suggestions of what else might be useful?

Oh, and does anyone have alternative definition of PWP? I've seen three different interpretations, but the only one I can remember is 'Porn Without Plot'. ^_^ I thought I'd see just how many 'real' deifinitions I could get.

I'm also going to do a list of advice, things like checking gramamr and spelling and being careful about switching languages often (more of an anime thing, since people keep using Japanese in otherwise English fics, and apparantly it's quite unpopular. makes it damn hard to read, that's for certain). Any suggestions there? What really annoys you about certain fics? What makes them hard to read, or what common error of characterisation really gets your goat?


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