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A Bit of Boring History

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I realised the other day that the latest forum I had created was the 38th forum on these boards, so I set about going through old backups etc, to find out what they all were for... And now I'm stuck...

Here's what I got (yes I was bored and had a lot of time on my hands):

[ Forum Still Exists | Forum Gone | (Formerly Known As) ]

1. News and Announcements (Official Announcements, Site/Forum Announcements, News and Announcements, Galactic Senate)

2. The Spaceport (The Cantina, Central Spaceport)

3. The Movies (Episodes I, II, III)

4. Episodes IV, V, VI

5. Games, Toys and Collectables (Games, SW Games)

6. Expanded Universe (Books, Comics and Television, Books and Comics, Expanded Universe)

7. Fan Creations (Fan Art, Fan Stuff)

8. Staff Lounge (Imperial Palace, Staff Discussion, Imperial Senate, Throne Room, Staff and VIP Lounge)

9. Contact

10. Notice Board (Member Annoucements, Extras)

11. Imperial Intelligence (The Vault)

12. Toys and Collectables

13. Fan Fiction

14. Imperial Throne Room


16. RPG - Official RPG (Roleplaying, Official RPG)


18. Psychopathic Jedi

19. The RPG Cantina

20. Games Room (Entire Saga)

21. Database Articles

22. Site Contributions

23. Forum Feedback

24. Lovebird's Nest

25. Times of Old (The Archives)

26. Mail Box

27. Testing

28. 1st Anniversary Psycho Awards!

29. The Different Way [archive]

30. Quiz Room

31. Garbage Masher

32. RPG - Vengeance Squad (GBnet Squadron RPG, Vengeance Squadron HQ)

33. Wet T-shirt Club

34. Real World (News Room, News & Entertainment, HoloNet News Hub)

35. [TEMP] FanFic Archive

36. The RPG Cantina

37. Miscellaneous

38. Veterans Lounge

39. RPG - Clone War

40. The Innuendo Club

41. News Archive [archive]

*** Conversion from phpBB to IPB ***

41. GB Classic 3

42. Weekly Polls Archive [archive]

43. Articles Haven [archive]

44. Events [archive]

45. Popular Topics [archive]

46. Inner Circle

47. Fan Activities & Meetings (Celebration III Discussion [archive])

48. CIII Official Site [ redirect ]

49. The PARADIGM Collective

50. RPG: Jacen's Philosophers Lounge [ redirect ]

51. Board Temporarily Disabled [ redirect ]

51. Secret Project... OF DOOM!

52. Druckenwell [archive] (RPG: Druckenwell, Please Name Me)

53. RPG Vault [archive]

54. Roleplaying (General Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Entertainment Talk) [category]

*** Forum Update to IPB 2.x.x - categories now become "root forums" ***

55. Community Hub (Main) [category]

56. The Archives [category]

57. Private Forums (Hosted Forums) [category]

58. The Star Wars Saga (A Galaxy Far Far Away) [category]

59. Featured Fandoms (Alternate Realms) [category]

60. Garbage Masher

61. Top 50: Video Games [archive]

62. RPG

63. Community Extra (Community) [category]

64. Meeting Hall

65. Real World

66. Original RPG [archive]

67. Forum Feedback

68. The Quiz Room

69. Senate Archive [archive]

70. Dead News [archive]

71. ???

72. Affiliates [category]

73. Topsites: Best Star Wars sites [redirect]

74. Docking Bay 101 [redirect]

75. Star Wars Emporium [redirect]

76. The Jade's Fire [redirect]

77. Jurassic Park Legacy [redirect]

78. Dinosaur Niell's Homepage [redirect]

79. Fiction Realms [redirect]

80. ECHUTAnet [redirect]

*** Affiliates moved to "boardrules" page instead of redirected forums ***

69. Monthly Debates Archive [archive]

70. Roleplaying - Revenant Squadron (GB Squadron RPG)

71. Roleplaying [category]

72. The Garbage Masher [trash can]

73. ???

*** Galactic Basic becomes the Multi-Fandom Community ***

74. Other Fandoms [category]

75. Books & Comics

76. Films & Television

77. Cartoons, Anime & Animation

78. Computer & Video Games

79. The Whoniverse

41 appears twice because when changing to IPB from phpBB, the forums forgot about the previous 41.

51 appears twice because apparently IPB reuses the last number if the forum has been deleted.

Edited by Andy

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Wow Beeurd. That was some pretty boring history ;)

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Beeurd we had the psychopathic jedi awards forum too

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Bad furday

Wow, we're all going to be part of an ultimate history....thing...heh :p

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Zzzzzzzzz........ :sleep: :roll:

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Well, you can't say I didn't warn you.

It clearly states the thread's topic being boring in the title. :D

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I dont remember half of those forums as it is...don't expect me to think of more :p

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Bad furday

When Sticky thinks, clouds of smoke come out of her ears! :p

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