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Official RPG - Rules and Character Profiles

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Ulic Feyyat




Human Male (born in the Vergesso Asteriods, raised on Eriadu)




Ulic's parents where a pair of smugglers based in the Vergesso Asteroids, once Ulic was born they settled on Eriadu, in a system governed by an ambitious young man named Wilhuff Tarkin. As Tarkin rose up in the ranks of Emperor Paplpatine's new order, Ulic's parents became loyal supporters of the Empire.

When he was 13, he learned that a group of rebel's had succeeded in destroying the Empires newest and most terrifying weapon - the Death Star. He hated Imperial life, and longed to join the Rebel Alliance. He stole a ship, a Pursuer-class patrol ship belonging to the local security force, from the spaceport where his father worked. He headed straight for the rebel base on Yavin 4, but by the time he got there the rebels had already been driven out of the system.

Not being a very good pilot, he was easily shot down by a group of mecenaries working for the Empire, his ship crashed onto Yavin 4 and he was captured by them.

He was kept as a slave but six years later, when he was 19, he managed to escape and vowed to return to have revenge some day, soon he discovered that the Rebel Alliance had captured Coruscant and arrived there to be faced by a Super Star Destroyer trying to blast it's way out through the planetary shields, and finally joined the rebellion, by now working to build a New Republic.

He served with the New Republic military for three years, and his skills carried him up to the position of Wing Commander. For unknown reasons he left the military and became a mercenary. He bought a YT-2000 frieghter and heavily modified it, a year later he met his old friend Kyp Talarain, who had left Eriadu a few years before he had run away. They got together and worked as a team, and eventually bought a small space station orbiting Coruscant.

Once he accompanied Kyp to Yavin 4 and found the ship he had crashed on the planet all those years ago.

During Kotor Ami's attack on Coruscant, their base was heavily damaged and has been partially destroyed, leaving less than half of it livable.


Almost any weapon through various sources.

R2 astromech droid 'Bucket'

WED Treadwell repair droid


Pursuer Enforcement Ship Storm Rider III

YT-2000 Corellian Frieghter Blind Rage

- several false names, including Fair Trader V

phew... that's big :eek:

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My New Character For Chapter Two:

Name: Terra Rhy'dor

Age: 21

Species: Human Female from Corellia

Job: Smuggler


Terra is full blooded Corellian, and was born and raised on Corellia. Her father in the Corellian military, and he died when she turned 17 in a military accident. Terra was also injured in the accident, and due to that, she has a prostetic covering a large part of her face. Bact can only heal so much, ya know! (that would be why she never trust any military factions at all... ;) )Her mother is a greedy, proud, wickedly wealthy old bat, who disowed Terra when she decided to become a smuggler. She was planning on entering the PSS (you may know it better as CorSec), but after her parents' deaths, she changed her mind and is now an outlaw, and runs spice such as glitterstim and andris for whatever she can get, and also deals in rare goods. She has capabilities in the Force, and her father was a Jedi who'd been training her, but when he died, her instruction stopped halfway. She's extremely skilled in telekinesis, and had built her own lightsaber when her father died.But, due to lack of training, she truggles to control her emotions and not turn to the dark side. One of her favorite pastimes is blowing things up. The more explosives, the better. She has a fiery, short temper, and loves explosives. She has a partner in crime :wink: , if you will, another fellow Corellian by the name of Lan 'Artic' Storm, her business partner/associate, and they share spice runs and jobs.


Large supply of thermal detonators

White lightsaber, even though she's not really a Jedi.

Several blasters

Her ship, the Midnight's Revenge, its weapons include: concussion missiles, energy bombs, proton torpedoes, dual triple-laser cannons and ion cannons.


Midnight's Revenge a modified bomber doubling as a freighter. (did i mention she enjoys blowing things up? ;) ever played SW: Starfighter or Jedi Starfighter for PS2? think of the Havoc, Nym's ship. that's kinda what i'm aiming for. just kinda like that, though. :) )


Flaming red hair that falls in a layered bob to her chin, with piercing gray eyes and quite the temper. Starting from just below her left eye, a shiny metal prosthetic starts, and covers about a quarter of her face, continuing back past her hairline. She occasionally covers the metal to make it look more natural, but usually leaves it the way it is, with wires and gears visible in spots. Her left eye is mechanical, but appears natural and and can allow her to read information from her partner and her ship with little need for a data pad, and record and store information and holos. She's a little shorter than most at 5'4, but, her skills as a smuggler make up for her lack in height. :D

i think i've covered everything....well, anyways, it'll change until the start of chapter two, for sure, but for now, this is my new character, for this chapter...

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Name: Am'ni Salgo

Species: Alien

Planet: Rykoron

Basic Character:

Am'ni is a human from Coruscant. Along with Ka'al Tykor she is a shadow fighter. Although she and Ka'al are not blood relatives, they are "partners in crime" if you will. She is a very sensitive creature and loves to daydream about anything and everything. Adventures are one of her favorite past times although she constantly ends up biting off more than she can chew. Her biggest role model is Yoda.


Working on her force powers, learning from Ka'al who learned things from Yavin 4.

Age: 16

Description: deep brown eyes, average height, falls in love rather easily.


Not many but there are some for example, she does not like fighting or water and she has a slight mistrust of everyone.

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Doc Ani Jade

Name: Kith Kalea

Home planet: Breental

Age: 20

Species: Human male

Occupation: Infiltrator

Capsule: Kith was born on the planet Brental with two sisters. He grew up with a comfortable life as a child of upper-class investors. Unfortuanately, when he was 18, his parents were killed when a stormtrooper thought they were New Republic officers. In one day his life had turned upside-down, like a cruel dream. He swore to take revenge on the murderers of his parents, but first he needed help. His uncle was the real sympathizer, and through those connections Kith managed to enroll at the New Republic military academy. Here he received training in silent movement and subversion, and he graduated a the top of the class. After three years and 18 missions on the front lines, he had the rest of the team shot dead around him.

Equipment: modified blaster pistol, silenced slughtrower, throwing knife, electronic lokpik, 2 fragmentation grenades, heat-dampening- jumpsuit, breathmask, datapd with information on Imperial Remnant and major Warlords, comlink, 250 credits

Abilities: silent movement, two-handed fighting, pilot ground vehicle, pilot starship, lockpick, high jump

Association: Good (New Republic, Intelligence Divison)

Apperance: slightly tall, deep blue eyes

Vulnerabilities: Kith has severe probelms trusting people, because in his career they usually try to kill him...

As a result he is also very shy around people he doesnt know.

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Grand Moff Tarkin

Name: Quobacca

Profession: Jedi Knight and keeper of the light

Quobacca originally grew up on Kasshyk but at about the age of three his parents where killed by pirates, and he was left too take care of his younger brother Vewbacca. As the years past Quobacca watched the turmoil that the galaxy recieved from the empire form the planet and was lucky enough not too have been captured, at the age of young age of 30 Quobacca travelled too Yavin with his younger brother too learn about the ways of the force. He became more and more knowledgable of his talents, and showed his brother the ways of a jedi, the two of them travel the galaxy in hiding hoping too help those who defy evil.

Databank: Quobacca's lightsaber's have a constructed metal layer, but have been re-enforced with some organic attributes, Quobacca has two lightsabers since they serve effectivly against multiple targets and have more advatages too protection , Vewbacca has force talents like his brother, but acts more as a helpful hand and friend.

Quobacca carrys important artifacts such as a jeid holocron and manuscripts.

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Jake Durron


Name: Erkaterina Ven (Katia for short)

Age: 16

Species: Human

Occupation: Smuggler, Mechanic, Dancer, Singer

Discription, Katia is petite, being only '5"2. She has long black hair and and deep black eyes. She has a rich coloured skin (Think Chinese) and a deep husky voice that surprises many people.

Background: At the age of 10 Katia was already a execelent pilot and mechanic. She was also good at slipping past security, a skill most ten year olds do not posess. She also was good at dancing and singing. When she was just 11 she was forced to watch as her parents were brutally murdered. She managed to sneek away before the same fate could fall upon her but she did not manage to sve her two younger siblings. In grief she ran to her favorite Cantina and asked the performers to hide her so that she would not suffer the fate of her parents. Seeing that her persurers were just outside the door they brought her backstage and gave her a costume to put on. She walked out looking like a different person. She sang so beautifully that the men did not consider the fact that this seeminlly young women might be their missing victim. She managed to get a job singing and dancing for a year until she could get back on her feet. Thinking that she had no family left she got a job as a spaceport mechanic, Where she had the privilage to work on a ship belonging to Booster Terrik And captained by Nawara Ven. When he noticed her, he asked her how old she was. When she responded with the fact that she was fifteen. He offered her a job in Booster's oganization. She fit into the job of smuggler well and within six monthes she was captaining her own ship. She and Nawara Ven fell in love and got married. Being married for three months now she has recently found out that she is of child and is taking a short leave of absence from captaining to work on the Errant Venture so she is close to her husband.

Weapons: Katia has many weapons, her favorite being her small wrist blaster and Poison tipped needles that look like hair pins. She also has a vibroblade strapped to her thigh and one in her boot. She also carries two heavy blasters at her hip.

Transport: Katia is the Captain of the smuggling ship Tia's Fire she also has a hevaly modified landspeeder that can go into space and live through a dogfight with an x-wing.

Feats: Can blend in or stand out in any crowd, Silent movement, Knows all forms of hand to hand combat and excelent shot. Impersonation (Can mimick anyone or anything perfectly)and hotshot pilot

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Name: Terza

Age: 10

Species: (Blue-Skinned) Twi'lek


Background info: She was stolen from her home planet of Ryloth into slavery when she was very young, by an Ex-Imperial, so his son would have something to "play with" when he was old enough. When she was four, they traveled to the planet of Naboo, where slavery is highly illegal. Fate threatened to expose her as an illegal slave, and the Imperial threw her out on the streets to prevent arrest. From there, she relied on pick-pocketing to gain the credits needed to buy necesities like food.

Equipment: street clothes and a ragged cloak. Owns no weapons, or housing.

Allignment: Concerned only for her own survival. Knows little about the galaxy outside...

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Admiral Daala

Name:Arcandia Sl'o'ka


Species:Human female


Descrption: 5'1, Brown hair with a blue streak, pale skin, and gray eyes.

Occupation:Jedi poilet

Background info: When she was 10 her parents and brother were killed by a Dark Jedi, she went for help when she met Rouge Squarden. Even though she is young she has get skills for a poilet. She is also a skilled Jedi.

Eqipement:R3-45 Astro Droid 'Bolts'

Weapons: Snow-White Lightsaber, and Battle Gun.

Ship: Sun Catcher

Force Talents: Even though she is not a Clawdite or Shi'do she can change into any species just by thinking it, and to understand that langune competley.

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Name: Andrew Janson

Species: Human male

Homeworld: Taanab

Occupation: Jedi Master

Background: Born on Taanab, the brother of Wes Janson. He joined the Rebellion at age 19, and flew with the Tierfon Yellow Aces. He was the only surviving member of Gold Squadron after the Battle of Yavin, and afterwards joined Rogue Squadron. He fought at Hoth, Gall, and Endor as Rogue Seven. He discovered his Jedi abilities after out-flying Darth Vader in a skirmish a few months before Hoth. He trained as a Jedi with Luke Skywalker, and flying with the Rogues at Borleias, Coruscant, and Thyferra. He was a member of Wraith Squadron, then re-joined the Rogues when Grand Admiral Thrawn emerged. He helped Luke found the Jedi Academy, and he trained Corran Horn and Kyle Katarn. After the New-Republic-Empire peace treaty, he retired from the New Republic Military at the rank of General. He devoted his attention full-time to training Corran Horn's children, and is now fighting the Yuuzhan Vong, going on scouting missions with his partner, Kyle Katarn.

Equipment: R6-W7 unit "Gap"

Weapons: One blue-bladed lightsaber, one green-bladed lightsaber, dual Bryar pistols.

Ship: Corellian Sand Panther (Same type of ship as the Raven's Claw, currently forget the class), XJ3 X-Wing

Alignment: New Republic

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Name: Renn Starrider

Species: Human male

Homeworld: Corellia

Occupation: Jedi Knight

Bio: Born on Corellia, Renn's family was killed when Imperial stormtroopers stormed their home, suspecting them of Rebel sympathies. Renn was the only one who escaped, and he lived the life of a street urchin until he was discovered by a Jedi Master by the name of Ender Wiggin, who realized his Force potential. He was trained by Wiggin until Wiggin passed away in his sleep, after Renn had completed his first lightsaber. Renn studied and mastered the art of duel saber fighting, and performed hit-and-runs for the Alliance, as a mercenary.

Equipment: One blue, one orange lightsabers, R6 unit "Trigger"

Ship: Light Carrier Blue Mile

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Occo, The Eternally Mana-Screwed One

*is really unfamiliar with RPGs* So I just...post my character profile here?

Name: Vigilante (real name Occo Nin'ebar, but has no recollection of such)

Species: Chiss

Age: 19

Background: Vigilante was born Occosib Nin'ebar, on the icy Chiss homeworld of Csilla. Although a bit clumsy on the ground, he was an amazing pilot and a slicer that made New Republic Cryptology Chief Ghent look like an idiot. By age 10, he had already sliced into just about everything in the galaxy. By age 14, he was in the CEDF flying TIE-Claws. However, at age 18, things went bad. Occo had decided he wanted to get out of the rule-ridden Chiss society, and started equipping a hyperdrive to his TIE-Claw in his spare time. On a routine training drill, he set a course out of the system...but the jury-rigged hyperdrive failed. He frantically reset the whole system, and it worked the second time...but not before giving a huge jolt that slammed Occo into the ceiling of the small fighter and knocking him unconscious. When he woke up floating in space-obviously, the hyperdrive had again failed in mid-flight--he had no recollection of who he was or where he came from...but he was still as good a pilot as ever.

He now works as a bounty hunter, but more of a "good guy" than most of them, and he has taken the name Vigilante. (and by the way, no, he is not Force-sensitive.) Since the New Republic took over, there obviously isn't much work for him, so he takes various other jobs when necessary. (Remember the Nar Shadaa bartender in Jedi Outcast? Yup, that was Occo. He quit right after Katarn's visit.)

Alignment: Bounty hunter, but more of a "good guy" than most--although he's definitely not a good role model. I believe the D&D types call it "Chaotic Good".

Property: Small apartment on Coruscant which he almost never uses anyway, one TIE-Claw fighter with a hyperwave tunneler anti-interdiction system (not a HIMS, it's actually much closer to a yammosk jammer)

Equipment: Twin Merr-Sonn blasters with a special modification to emit lightsaber-like energy blades when a button is pressed (Vigilante has no real skill with it, but it's definitely good for a surprise in battle), a PLX-2M missile launcher for when he's in a bad mood, a holoshroud for people that are really freaked out by Chiss, a datapad with various slicing tools on it, and a Tenloss sniper rifle.

Skills: No Force sensitivity, but is one heckuva pilot, and can slice through every computer system they've come up with so far. He's also a pretty good sniper.

Appearance: Average in just about every way...well, average for a Chiss, anyway. He is 5'10", average weight, wears a silver-black Chiss flight suit most of the time, with black boots, giving him much the appearance of a TIE pilot without a helmet-which is basically what he is. And, of course, he has glowing red eyes.

I'll just wait for an opportunity to write myself in...

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