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Support GB, get rewards!


To help support the running costs of GB and reward members for their support, we have now added a Subscriptions feature.

We value all contributions and to show this we will automatically upgrade your membership for a full year and give you the following benefits:

  • Enjoy ad-free access to Galactic Basic
  • Customise your profile colours and background image
  • Ability to post polls in the forums
  • Extra storage space in your private message box
  • Unlimited uploads to attach files to forum posts

...and more!

What your donations are used for:

Donations are used to fund the costs of running the site, mainly domain name registration renewal and annual hosting fees. With extra income we would also able to enjoy extra updates and support for the website software package.

Every donation means a lot to us and ensures that Galactic Basic can continue to operate.

If you would rather to make an anonymous donation please message me and we can sort something out.

We will continue to support this system so constructive feedback and suggestions are always welcome below!

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