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Heir to the Jedi

Timeline: 0 ABY Official Canon Novel
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  • Author: Kevin Hearne
  • Artist: Larry Rostant (cover)
  • Publisher: Del Rey
  • Release date: 03/03/2015

Heir to the Jedi is a novel by Kevin Hearne set between Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

It follows a first-person viewpoint from Luke Skywalker as he finds his place amongst the Rebel Alliance and seeks to improve his skills with the Force without Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The novel was originally intended to be the third and final part of the Empire and Rebellion trilogy, which was later rebranded under the Legends banner.

Official Summary

Luke Skywalker's game-changing destruction of the Death Star has made him not only a hero of the Rebel Alliance but a valuable asset in the ongoing battle against the Empire. Though he's a long way from mastering the power of the Force, there's no denying his phenomenal skills as a pilot—and in the eyes of Rebel leaders Princess Leia Organa and Admiral Ackbar, there's no one better qualified to carry out a daring rescue mission crucial to the Alliance cause.

A brilliant alien cryptographer renowned for her ability to breach even the most advanced communications systems is being detained by Imperial agents determined to exploit her exceptional talents for the Empire's purposes. But the prospective spy's sympathies lie with the Rebels, and she's willing to join their effort in exchange for being reunited with her family. It's an opportunity to gain a critical edge against the Empire that's too precious to pass up. It's also a job that demands the element of surprise. So Luke and the ever-resourceful droid R2-D2 swap their trusty X-wing fighter for a sleek space yacht piloted by brash recruit Nakari Kelen, daughter of a biotech mogul, who's got a score of her own to settle with the Empire.

Challenged by ruthless Imperial bodyguards, death-dealing enemy battleships, merciless bounty hunters, and monstrous brain-eating parasites, Luke plunges head-on into a high-stakes espionage operation that will push his abilities as a Rebel fighter and would-be Jedi to the limit. If ever he needed the wisdom of Obi-Wan Kenobi to shepherd him through danger, it's now. But Luke will have to rely on himself, his friends, and his own burgeoning relationship with the Force to survive.


Heir to the Jedi was originally slated to be the third novel of the expanded universe series Empire and Rebellion, until canon was reorganised. It was rewritten as a stand alone novel.

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