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Oranges & roses (adultish )

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Andy smiles " I'll tell you how your father and I met .."

The two daughters that were andy's smiled excited sitting with their legs crossed eagerness on their mocha colored skin , they lean forward their eyes begging for it to start.

Chapter 1

It started one beautiful winter evening , as the moon rose the snow sparkled as if it were silver blue glitter , we both had just gotten off the ice skating rink , as we finshed putting on our boots we walked into each other on accident, he is such a gentlemen.

Angel smiles " I am so sorry , i got lost in my thoughts and i didnt see you , Ma'am."

Andy chuckles softly " its okay , i was busy with writing down a note..to remember..."

we both looked at each other after laughing for a moment , and once our blue gray eyes met , it was like time and the world stopped..and it was just the two of us standing in the falling snow and rising moon . Standing there in the park our hair pulled back in pony tails , I remember wanting to just pull him into me and kiss his rosey lips and the feel of his pale ash white skin.

impossible most said , that two just couldnt fall in love so fast, thing is ..we felt love but didnt know if it was real..or just a fling..we spent days/weeks/months even 2 years being friends , by the third year on christmas eve angel asked me to marry him . I said yes.

mother disapproved , she didnt believe in love..well true love the kind that stops the world in your mind and time and you think your heart my fly away , thats how it is with me and angel.

he loves me aways , and shows it ..not with roses and wine..or some fancy dinner . He perfers a romantic night under the stars while listening to classical music and rose petals all around the pinic area , and candles to give more pazza to it , and the most wonderful thing about my angel is , he doesnt like to show his love by gifts but why words , poetry or song he shows it to me through them..i swear i feel like i could faint everytime i hear his luscious silk voice singing his love to me.

It took a year to plan the wedding , to look so expesive but cheap , we got it nearly right and once it happend it felt like it was alla dream that i couldnt be any happier then i am now.

Till Angel and I found out we were going to be parents, i felt so excited i nearly forgot to breath.. but it was all worth it , me and angel planned to live till we grow old and die in each others arms.

(end of chap 1 )

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Please remember that you need to keep this acceptable for the general public if you're going to share this story here

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