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Justice League

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Well, we finally have our first look at the DC superheroes all together!


Batman! Wonder Woman! Aquaman! The Flash! Cyborg!

But no Superman... not yet. (I'll stop there in case some of y'all haven't seen  Batman vs. Superman yet).


Not a huge look... but it seems to have loads of potential to be a great time. I was excited before seeing this video, so yeah. Now just extra amped.


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      The Justice League is on its way to our big screens, along with a bunch of solo flicks for the members...
      And the first up is Wonder Woman!
      I have to say, she looks pretty kickass, and I can't wait for this film.
      I kind of can't stop watching the trailer. (It's almost as bad/good as a new Star Wars movie... I have a problem). And that music! Ugh, amazing.
    • Zach Snyder's Superman (and Batman)
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      I looked and didn't see a topic for these yet...
      Anyway, this is for the Man of Steel film... and the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice... (and any others that may come in the future).
      I thought Man of Steel was awesome. Just watched it again a couple weeks ago.
      And I'm pretty excited about the Batman vs. Superman one coming out in 2016.
      I'm honestly not all that bothered about Ben Affleck as Batman, though I know a bunch of others are.
      Plus, filming starts next month, in Michigan!
      I suppose the only negative I have, is the title. I think they could have thought up something more original. ;p
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      DC Universe Online is an MMORPG that puts you right in the middle of the action. Brainiac has his sights on Earth yet again. You have been granted powers thanks to exobytes stolen from Brainiac by Lex Luthor and released into Earth's atmosphere. Choose your powerset, your weapons, and your mentor. Work alongside your favorite DC characters in missions spread between Gotham, Metropolis, and the Watchtower/Hall of Doom. Will you be a hero and save the world, or a villain to rule it?
      Anyone else playing? It went free to play in November 2011 for PS3 and PC. Word is it will be on PS4 as well. Of course all the expansion packs and cool gear you have to pay for, lol. I started a file back when it first came out then got lost on the Watchtower and gave up. I recently started playing it again and I'm having a blast as a Tech Hero. The sound is glitchy as all get out, though. Sometimes battle noises and chatter will drop out completely and you just have the ambient noises. Sometimes its the other way around. Normally it doesn't bother me when that happens, but there are a few quests I need to have audio.