Zach Snyder's Superman (and Batman)

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I thought it was really good! Two thumbs up. :)


I know it's gotten some negative press,  but what do critics know? This movie isn't for them. :p


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      Well, we finally have our first look at the DC superheroes all together!
      Batman! Wonder Woman! Aquaman! The Flash! Cyborg!
      But no Superman... not yet. (I'll stop there in case some of y'all haven't seen  Batman vs. Superman yet).
      Not a huge look... but it seems to have loads of potential to be a great time. I was excited before seeing this video, so yeah. Now just extra amped.
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      The Justice League is on its way to our big screens, along with a bunch of solo flicks for the members...
      And the first up is Wonder Woman!
      I have to say, she looks pretty kickass, and I can't wait for this film.
      I kind of can't stop watching the trailer. (It's almost as bad/good as a new Star Wars movie... I have a problem). And that music! Ugh, amazing.