Star Wars Legends Timeline

Formerly known as the Expanded Universe, Star Wars Legends is a vast array of tales from the Star Wars universe. While no longer officially considered canon there are still many great stories and characters to be discovered.
    1. Before the Republic era

    2. Before the Republic era

      37,000 - 25,000 BBY
      These are the early days of galactic civilisation as we know it. The Je'daii Order is in it's infancy on Tython, and the dreaded Rakatan Infinite Empire has enslaved much of the known galaxy.
    1. Old Republic era

    2. Old Republic era

      25,000 - 1,000 BBY
      The Galactic Republic is now the major power in the galaxy, protected by its guardian force of Jedi Knights, but the evil Dark Lords of the Sith will stop at nothing to disrupt this peace.
    1. Rise of the Empire era

    2. Rise of the Empire era

      1,000 - 0 BBY
      With the Sith seemingly defeated, the Republic enters a golden age of peace and prosperity that is shattered by the menace of the sinister Sith plot which ignites the Clone Wars.
    1. Rebellion era

    2. Rebellion era

      0 - 5 ABY
      Having seized control of the galaxy Palpatine rules with an iron fist. By facing the Empire's ultimate weapon the Rebel Alliance can finally become a force to be reckoned with.
    1. New Republic era

    2. New Republic era

      5 - 25 ABY
      With the tattered remnants of the Imperial forces routed from Coruscant it seems as though the darkest days are in the past, and a New Republic has emerged to restore justice to the galaxy.
    1. New Jedi Order era

    2. New Jedi Order era

      25 - 37 ABY
      A new generation of Jedi Knights has been trained at Luke Skywalker's academy, but with an invasion imminent the tragic end of peace in the New Republic is nigh.
    1. Legacy era

    2. Legacy era

      37 ABY +
      Still dealing with the aftermath of war, the New Jedi Order faces its toughest challenge when they lose one of their own. One hundred years later a new Sith Empire rules the galaxy.