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About this blog

The latest news and updates from the Galactic Basic team.

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Season's Greetings!

Whether it is Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, or another festival you celebrate at this time of year, we at Galactic Basic just wanted to wish you a happy and joyous holiday season.

Darth Santa has already stopped by here at GB HQ, although he didn't leave us the Star Destroyer we wanted (admittedly he would need a lot of wrapping paper)!

I know it is a very busy time of year for many people, but we'd love to see you of you get a spare minute or two.

Happy holidays everybody.


December 2016 Updates

It's almost (insert your preferred holiday here), and I'm testing out using the blog feature for updates. Because why not?



GB has been migrated away from the previous hosting company, as we were outgrowing the package they provided. Unfortunately we weren't outgrowing them in terms of usage, but rather due to the storage space used. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a website this old takes up a bit of space!

Anyway, the new hosting seems to be stable now, but if you notice anything strange please do let me know.


Software update

IPS has been updated to the latest version and I have noticed a couple of oddities caused by differences in the default theme and the customisations that have been made. I'll be looking into this more soon.

A couple of new features to note are that there are more embed options available when posting, including Reddit, deviantArt, and quite a few others. Auto saved post drafts should now be improved also, and you should be less likely to be logged out if you browse GB on multiple devices.

There is also a new Leaderboard feature which shows things like top posters for the day, but it needs reskinning as it doesn't display correctly right now. It can be found under the Forum menu option at the top if you want to check it out.


That's all for now, once again please let me know if you spot any problems!


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